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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  March 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> we found the body that was covered up leaves and tires and some old boards. bill: two people in alexander county are facing murder charges after allegedly being caught trying to bury a body not from an elementary school. we will find out who the victim is and how deputies worked tipped off. a man is hospitalized after he was attacked by several people outside of a rock hill pizza joint.
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reportedly saw and how many suspects were involved. >> i'm a roughly scared to hop on my bike and all this traffic swerving everywhere. i think it will be great. bill: a nonprofit group is calling for protective bike lane in uptown. he will find out why they feel is necessary and where they specifically want to put in. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. "fox 46 news" i'm bill melugin. kayla: i'm kayla ayres. investigation. our top story unfolding in alexander county where deputies say they found two people trying to bury a body or the two suspects behind bars tonight toni hearne and linsey lentz charged with murder and failure to report a death. deputies tell if the victim robert hearne junior was the uncle of one of the suspects. marciano smith has more. >> the body was found on the other side of this abandoned house.
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a card they didn't recognize. >> i was on 6490 and saw this silver lincoln continental vehicle pulling into the driveway. >> sheriff chris bowman tells me his office was called out to this remote rural area wednesday afternoon. that's when they saw the car with the suspects inside. deputies say the car was stuck on this hill behind -- one officer watched toni hearne and linsey lentz while another deputies searched the area. that's when investigators found the victim's body to. >> we found a body that was covered up with leaves a couple of tires and some old boards. >> identified as robert sub four with 70 -- 74 years old. following discovery of the body tony hearne -- toni hearne and
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murder and failure to report a death. >> indications point to these two. >> no word on the cause of death or where the victim was killed but investigators say the death appears to be recent. sheriff bowman says community watch works and he is grateful someone called them. >> we have some excellent citizens that live in this area and that's what makes me feel good that this party took time to call it in a suspicious vehicle. no one at this property didn't look right. >> this investigation is ongoing. we are told both suspects are being held without bond. reporting in alexander can't county sam smith fox 46 wjzy. kayla: the area where deputies were trying to bury the victim is near ellendale elementary school. they school was put on the soft lock dale -- soft lock down.
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slammed into it. this happened around 7:00 tonight at oakhurst flowers flowers. as you're about to see the front of the building was heavily damaged and parse the car lights were found still on the ground at the scene. police tell us tonight they are still looking for the driver so of course if you have any information on who was behind the wheel tonight you're asked immediately contact the lease. kayla: also to attend cmpd is unseated the major car crash that killed a pedestrian. this happened around 8:00 on avenue. police say the northbound lanes will remain closed for several hours. officials say the person driving the car was not injured and no word if there will be any charges against the driver. the victim's identity is not being released until the family has been notified. bill: one person is in the hospital after officials say he or she was stabbed. this happened around 6:00 tonight on dold new. maddux tells the person was
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and life-threatening injuries. police are searching for after being assaulted by several people outside a pizza joint. according to rock hill police reports say five or six people attacked a man outside empire pizza around 2:00 a.m. today. an employee who went outside to remove the signs out was happening called 911. a bouncer pulled one of the suspects off of the 36-year-old victim who who was breathing but unconscious. the employee was able to identify to the suspects a man and a woman and all of the suspects did leave the scene in a red ford vehicle. bill: five people recovering after unrelated shootings in charlotte. police arrested a man at one of the scenes that we are told he has not been charged with any of the actual shootings. what that means is none of the gunmen are in custody at this point in the shootings happened at the shell gas station on berkshire dr. three police are investigating a shooting him again and two other people were shot at the plaza.
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looking into whether or not the victims and suspects knew one another and each of these four cases. there's a new effort underway to try to put an end to this violence. it starts with young kids at the barbershop. a north the north carolina vocal barber association is starting a new initiative called literacy with a purpose. the ideas to reach out to the kids ages four to 10 when the children come in for a haircut. they will also get to read a book with the train mentor from the community. that will can only help them, can not only help them with their reading skills to talk to them about what's going on in their lives followed them as they grow up as well. >> we want to make sure that person hasn't objected to get results and mentors like retired athletes from the nfl from the charlotte hornets make sure% there are balsillie of a lot of people that want to be imported. l it sounds like a good idea.
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initiative is officially going to kick off next month. the event will be held at the ortho barber and hairstyle and north graham street on april 16 starting at 10:00 in the morning. kayla: police tell us the driver accused of hitting and killing a woman after panthers playoff game is now facing second-degree murder charges. back in january 28-year-old kelly putnam was walking along south boulevard when she was getting killed by a car driven by 30-year-old gregory hui lin. putnam was pronounced dead on the scene. we link faces charges of driving while impaired and death by vehicle. another update to tell you about a missing teen from brevard has been found. authorities located 15-year-old dixie mae bailey near the asheville mall around 6:30. authorities say she's in good health and is being returned to her bard. an amber alert went out yesterday. doe big news out of chester
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officers accused of having inappropriate relationship with an inmate. sheriff's office says dominique white is accused of meeting in inmate in a kitchen pantry and getting involved with some type of inappropriate encounter. the arrest warrant states that happened on march 5. the sheriff fifth. a sheriff's offices says they hold other employees to a high standard and it's obviously troubling to find out about this. >> again this was an unfortunate incident and once we found out about it we did what we have to do and unfortunately we have to charge one of our officers. released. she is charged with misconduct in office and has since been fired from her job. her side of the story which wasn't home. her family members told us they did not want to go on camera. they believe the accusation is not true. office says their surveillance video and witness statements to prove it.
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investigation. kayla: new information on the story we told you about last month. cmpd says they have made an arrest in the robbery and kidnapping of a papa johns pizza delivery driver. 19-year-old rayon justin rose was captured in shelby north carolina. the robbery took place on february 23 around 2:30 in the morning. the victim was allegedly kidnapped in the 1600 block of east fourth street and taken to archdale in greensboro. that's when he was led out of the car. police say roads and an unidentified woman forced the victim to withdraw money from an atm. if you know anything about this case you are urged to call crime stoppers. bill: a movement in nashville has many thinking twice about rubber turf fields. rubber turf that makes up artificial turf fields is linked to cancer. it's forcing one complex to rip it up and replaces something else. rubber can be found at playgrounds that use rubber mulch under their equipment.
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health concerns that have come up related to the rubber and products in their rubbebe. the robbers made up of recycled car tires and is called crumb rubber. the common infill and sports fields across the country. there's no word just yet on whether not any turf fields will be changed in the charlotte area. new at 10:00 -- will soon have a riverfront park. the town and other groups made the announcement to the park will cost $1.1 million and create a variety of recreational amenities for the region by providing new river access. the park will be located along the southfork river in downtown to catonsville. construction will be done in two stages of phase one is a scheduled to open to the public this fall. spinning a big industrial country plans to make a big investment in the area. at less tacos expanding its operations in rock hill to the tune of $20 million.
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development area. construction is set to be complete in 2017. atlas protsko develops and equipment. the company has more than 44,000 employees worldwide and 125 locations in the u.s.. bill: a million dollars to make dreams of dancing come to life thanks to the mall call family who made the sizable donation to the charlotte ballet which is now the largest personal gift and the company's history. the donation was announced on saturday at the "dancing with fund-raising event. it gives a farewell present for the artistic director -- years with the charlotte ballet. >> with this gift we are celebrating jean-pierre and his legacy by creating extraordinary of scenery that this community has never seen. bill: tickets for this bigger
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as july. lots of the chute video on our smartphones but if you've ever dreamed of seeing your video on tv and you want to get paid for it listen up you can make some money by working with us. fox will 46 is partnered with fresco an iphone app that lets you beat a major part of the newsgathering process. download the fresco app and sign up then when you see news should it and let us know about it or you can accept an assignment near you and upload your footage. if we end up using your video on the air you get paid. yes it's that simple so give it a shot. kayla: coming up there's a growing need for spanish speaking 911 operators. how cmpd is working to overcome language barriers. >> there are here have seen a couple of top. riding a bike can be dangerous. that's why one group is calling
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little later on in the show. >> alexa grey right now. the question is how long will it
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right after the break. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> good evening everybody. welcome back. take the days are nice and the nights are nice as well. i was at the hornets game earlier and at 7:30 at night for some is down but i felt really
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news is we have more of that great weather headed your way as we look at your headlines. it's going to last through friday, at least the dryness of it is. the temperatures will stay silent over the next seven days but really going to have to bust out the umbrella as we get into the weekend. it doesn't look like it will be horrible at least on saturday but chances of rain on friday lasting until tuesday. let's talk about the temperatures. again i know we are in spring break mode for a lot of the country and if you are traveling i want you to notice that tonight where we typically see cold temperatures around boston they are at 62 at the 10:00 hours of the entire eastern seaboard is doing great and that extends back back to the west as well into new orleans. some changes will be happening later in the week as we deal with the cold front but enjoy this warm weather. we are in the 50s and 60s right now throughout the area,
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64, 67 in wadesboro. just really comfortable weather. the mountains in the 50s. salad over the next couple of days. i want to show you radar. again things are very dry here locally but we are tracking a system. we are tracking a system that is still well to the west of us. big-time rain across areas stretching from dallas all the way to memphis and we are seeing flooding issues around the flood of -- frontal boundary. this frontal boundary will push into our neck of the woods but it will start to break down. we track it on your futurecast tomorrow to maybe pick up a little bit more cloud cover fairly cloudy as you wake up in the morning. don't expect any rain out of it. we will see some sunshine partly cloudy for the action hours and on friday we will see a cold front pushing across the area during the morning hours.
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chances at least at this point seem slim. we are talking about to 20% chance of rain across the area. tonight looking at 55 for temperatures and winds blowing out of the south at five to seven and we will track that rain kayla and 10 minutes from now. kayla: thank you brian. overcoming language barriers at cmpd is something that department heads tell us they are working on. they currently have for bilingual 911 operators out of 116 and that the city's fast-paced growth were spanish speakers are new. cmpd says there's also a cultural difference they have to overcome as dispatchers. dispatchers typically rely on numerical addresses when sending out officers but we are told many spanish-speaking callers have in giving 911 operators their location by landmarks. >> i will get a lot of
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they will hang up. once they do that it's a three-way conversation so that takes time and that causes delay of the units to be dispatched. kayla: cmpd says out of 982,000 calls last year nearly 8000 required translator services. the application. matt for dispatchers will open sometime in april. applicants have to be u.s. citizens at least 18 years of age and pass several job-related tests. doe the controversy surrounding the termination -- continues tonight. number of north carolina residents say they believe state lawmakers should in fact step in and overturn it. according to it w. ral news poll 36% of participants say the general assembly should overturn the ordinance. another 30% say lawmakers should let charlotte voters decide by declaring a referenda on the issue. only 27% legislator should leave
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pretty% responded by saying they were not sure. the controversial part of the ordinance would allow chant -- transgender people to use the bathroom in which they feel most comfortable. the ordinance goes into effect april 1. kayla: after meeting for hours to discuss their searches south carolina state university still has no permanent president. leaders hope to find a presidential candidate by may. a past president was removed by a previous board of trustees. the financially troubled school was on the verge of being temporarily shut down last year. bill: making is in south carolina governor nikki haley wants to end taxes on military and if it's predefined would cost the state $33 million each year. opposers argue the ideas in and a good tax policy because it narrows the state's tax base for his supporters say will attract military retirees looking for a second job after they burned a pension for serving 20s in uniform. kayla: coming up after two
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>> welcome back. after winthrop university was robbed on campus there and now new calls for safety measures be the latest crime happened behind margaret manson residence hall in the same same spot for sexual assault have been a stupid several students are an on line petition asking campus police to install an emergency phone box near the president's home. the lycee they have controls in the area and now a meeting will be held to talk about safety issues as well as the petition. kayla: newspapers piling up in people's yards a growing problem for some in charlotte gratis includes a daily editions of the observer the observer values observer ankara in the south charlotte news. nearly three new people have joined a facebook group sharing their frustrations and ideas about how to get deliveries to stop and many have turned to the better business bureau for help
10:24 pm to. bill: donald trump is in prime position to knock out two of his remaining three competitors and next week's winner-take-all match up in the state of ohio and florida. "fox news" chief political correspondent carl cameron has more from miami. donald trump plan. the poor contest come to a building his own momentum and slowing his rivals down. trump versus so-called establishment to get over there -- and on board the trump train. >> they call them the elites but those are the people that people that don't respect the yes i would i see the pope and his embrace it. we will win the election. trump's aides say rubio has to drop out to avoid a politically legal humiliation stay. kasich so far when the city will drop out of 50 loses ohio and contrast his experience to trump's emphasis on being flexible in approach of policy is negotiable. >> what are you kidding me? am runnin for this job because
10:25 pm
security experience and i have the record of lifting people with this economy. why the heck would anybody think we have to make deals? despite tens of millions of dollars spent on attack ads and four to trump continues to surge. ted cruz was the only candidate to win last night in idaho and today carly fiorina endorsed him. then there are the people in her party who are fortified by donald trump. i'm one of them. >> cruz escorting his rival supporters. >> if you are markers -- marco supporter or kasich supporter we welcome you to our we welcome you to our team. the possession highly of rubio pleaded for support. >> in iowa they are saying ben carson is going to drop out of now they are spreading rumors that we are going to end their campaign. i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as long and as hard as it takes. `we are going to the white house and we are going to win this mission.
10:26 pm
who plans beatings of cruz and kasich tomorrow and bush endorses anybody but rubio it would be a blow to the senator. here in hialeah at committee with a high published that cuban-americans marco rubio held a rally on a football field. in hialeah -- box newsprint democratic side of things bernie sanders and hillary clinton are taking part in a debate in miami tonight. this comes a day after clinton lost to to sanders in the michigan primary. many people believe clinton was a shoo-in to win the state but some are saying the long-term problems with her e-mail and other controversies may have cost her the win. clinton did however, out big in mississippi. officials say that if sanders wins illinois and ohio next tuesday clinton is poised to clean up in delegate rich states like north carolina and florida. bike riders are calling for
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fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. its innovative delivery system offers effective flea and tick protection... in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto . designed to perform for 8 months. from bayer. kayla: recapping our top stories and murder investigation continues in alexander county of deputies say they found two people trying to bury a body. the two suspects are behind bars tonight. toni hearne and linsey lentz charged with murder and failure to report a death.
10:30 pm
was the uncle of one of the suspects. the body of the 71-year-old was found near an abandoned homepage tonight those suspects are being held without bond. l a local flower shop suffer serious damage after carved drives into their building and it takes off from the scene. it happened around 7:00 tonight at oakhurst flowers on monroe road in charlotte. a friend building was damaged in parts of the car lights were still found on the ground or police say they are looking for the driver. if you have any information please call authorities immediately. kayla: writing a bicycle may make you feel like a kid but if you are an uptown you may feel uncomfortable. bill: while there are some bike lane some say they are not white enough than it can be little bit intimidating trying to compete with that traffic rate that's why local nonprofit group is calling for protected by claim. david sentendrey has the story. >> driving a car is just one way
10:31 pm
can also ride a skateboard and if you are two years old may be a big wheel. one of the more common ways is to ride a bike. even though cyclists like robert reeves say it can be dangerous. every time i come out somebody will pull out in front of me or cut me off. >> i have seen a couple of cyclist clipped off. >> right now people simply don't feel safe. >> shannon cycles to work every day. he's the founder of sustained charlotte. the nonprofit works to to make sure that a healthy vibrant community. its newest mission is to transform your typical bike lane from this to this, a protected by claim. >> are protected i claim is a sidewalk for people on bicycles. >> sustained charlotte said of protected land hell people writing by people who are afraid to write to hop on.
10:32 pm
to hop on my bike's been all this traffic swerving everywhere. >> the group wants to work with service department transportation on a project like this. they're hoping for one lane to go through uptown and connect the irwin creek and the little sugar creek greenway's. the only question is where did the lane. third street is an option that's being looked at but this could potentially in a vehicle lane would have to be given up to make room. >> that's not worth it because we need more lanes and to cut one out would make traffic terrible. >> he is still writing forward with the idea. >> we think it will be a game-changer as to giving people another choice. >> at a choice he says is cleaner and a lot more fun. in charlotte david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. too sustains her ... 26 states
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have protected bike lanes many of which earn major cities. he says this project would require taxpayer money and it's ultimately going to be up to city council. >> good evening everybody. as we look to what we are experiencing right now a nice cool night here 62 degrees winds blowing at 7 miles an hour great it actually picked up a couple times this afternoon up to 20 miles an hour for a couple of hours, and dust that is but that should not be a problem tomorrow. we got to 77 and gained another couple degrees for daytime highs highs. we started at 51 degrees. temperatures staying solid. we have changes for rain this weekend. friday we have a 20% chance and up to 30% chance on saturday so we are backing off on the
10:34 pm
sunday if we see rain or significant rain it will be on sunday that on sunday that looks like we could see thunderstorms as well. we'll continue to track the data and lingers into monday as well before we drive on tuesday. the weather is warming. you know the plants like that. we will throw rain into the mix friday and saturday and a frontal boundary may pick up windows well. that's why we see bigger issues on friday and saturday with your all for the next days will be either high or very high so you are probably experiencing it if you are an allergy sufferer. our weather over the next few, warm strong southerly air keeping us nice and toasty. a little bit of moisture could mean patchy fog yet again tomorrow morning. as a cold front on friday and not expecting a lot of brain. all the rain we were seeing earlier today not much of a
10:35 pm
as we get into saturday we'll start to see a warm friend pushing towards her direction 30% chance of rain on saturday still not expecting a lot as we see this push her direction sunday we will tap into heavier potential. things still looking very good across the area over the next seven days. tonight how about those lows, warmer than they were last night by three or four degrees. 40s and 50's in the mountain ranges 50's for r e rest of us in the lower elevations in tomorrow's daytime highs in the 60s and 70s. once again just shy of 80 degrees and there's your extended forecast. with the coleburn on friday that will knock us back just a little bit from 79 down to 70 on saturday but will gradually warm up to 72 on sunday 72 on monday and back sunny and in the uppers 70s for tuesday.
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new at 10 law enforcement groups in north carolina do not want body cameras to be required. representatives from the north carolina sheriffs association and the enzi association of chiefs of police talk to a legislative subcommittee about the issue and the subcommittee is collecting information on expanded use of body cam technology. the sheriffs group spokesperson believes it should be a department decision instead of the state mandate. police say they know who allegedly broke into an area high school. two, 20 years of facing charges. robert cutshaw and vincin white broke into west mecklenburg high school. the two of them allegedly sold hundreds of dollars of items including food walkie-talkies and keys. both are charged with allen a breaking and entering larceny and resisting a public officer. kayla: no charges the men no charges amid piles of police tell us an investigation is underway after school nurse
10:37 pm
rock hill police say was found at the child development center on east black street yesterday afternoon. officers say the substance looked like imre juana hash oil pace than it did test positive for thc. the nurse told officers that none of the children claimed ownership of the drug. bill: on to fox 46 follow-up police say they believe they know the motive behind the 2014 murder of an 82-year-old mother allegedly killed by her own son. irwin philbin showed up for a bond hearing. prosecutors say he killed his mom and her body was found in her home. search warrant state the motive behind the murder might have been financial gained a police learned a life insurance policy was listed irwin as the beneficiary and other members said they had no idea the policy existed. when feldman reported his mom
10:38 pm
ransacked. kayla: france family and fans of the late nancy reagan paying their respects today is the more elective these began honoring reagan in california. the former first lady passed away sunday at the age of 94. senior correspondent adam housley is at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> a farewell to a former first lady three days of public mourning for nancy reagan began at the reagan presidential library in simi valley california. american flags lined the driveway that leads to reagan's final resting place alongside her husband. an honor guard ball to mrs. reagan's casket into libraries courtyard and lobby where she will lie in repose for two days. even the smallest details planned by the first lady herself pays. >> mrs. reagan was intimately involved from who the guesswork to the pallbearers were in the people reading during the
10:39 pm
flowers. we are just following her quarters to make sure she has the funeral she wanted. family friends and special guests including house speaker paul ryan pay their respects first-grader former reagan adviser said mrs. reagan is looking forward to the day she will be reunited with her beloved ronnie. she told people -- people the sadness never left her pray she was sad and i think in a way she was ready. some of the casket viewing open to the public who will have an opportunity to say goodbye over two days. both reagan's touch so many people in the governing years of presidential years and beyond making sure everyone should be here can be here. >> she was a beautiful woman. she brought class of the white house. >> i grew up with the reagan administration it's important to pass and my kids. more than 1011 as by the casket
10:40 pm
extended hours to meet the demand. besides a growing list of political bigwigs coming here on friday the hollywood starlets continue to grow people like tom selleck angelica houston and mr. t. in simi valley california adam housley "fox news." bill: in a fight to curb the spread of the zika virus there are potentially troubling news of the korea search and development meeting. world health organization officials says insecticide spraying is not stop the spread of dengue fever. seek is being considered a global emergency by the w.h.o.. more than 40 countries reported outbreaks since january of 2015. spain -- neurological problems as well as birth defects were babies are born with more smaller than usual heads. world health organization says vaccine development is at an early stage iv the natural gas explosion that sent nine firefighters to hospital in seattle washington today is
10:41 pm
investigators released an update this afternoon. one nearby shop captured explosion on surveillance cameras. the early morning blast shook the neighborhood of seattle. authorities say the injured firefighters are now back home. the explosion heavily damaged and destroyed several businesses. so far it does not appear there were any other people injured that investigators are trying to figure out the exact location of this explosion. bill: we figured we would remind you once again if you have a to seeing your video and tv you will want to listen up you can make serious cold hard cash by working with us. news "fox 46 news" partner with fresco. a phone app with our viewers be a center part of the newsgathering process. all you have to do is download the fresco app and sign up when he sees something crazy happening whether an accident or fire or natural disaster preaches some video and let us know about it or accept an assignment or an assignment area and upload your photos.
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the air you will get paid. it's that simple. time to send it over to anthony flores with sports. >> that sounds pretty cool.
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do you get 50 bucks or why? >> the hornets used had issues with their long-range shooting but not any any more can't do runs a hit 15, three pointers arcing the 30th game this season they have hit double-digit shots. the hornets taking on the pelicans bury the first half kemba walker goes crosscourt to marin williams who sinks the three. a few minutes later nick batum with the drive. >> that hits the following jumper pre-charlotte up by 10. campbell walker had a huge first-half exploits the mismatching gets to the rim for the layout and then kemba hits a three-pointer to charlotte hit 10 in the first half, 15 for the game. the hohoets had a big lead and they help him late making it five and a rotating the pelicans 120 2-1 13. walker finishing with 35 points.
10:45 pm
motivated. can't say much more. sad this is the final stretch and everyone else with the goal list. a lot of guys want to go up and laid on the line. we collectively have the same goal to make the playoffs and to try to come out for a championship. he will see guys sacrificing a lot out there to try to get the win. >> the hornets to traitor a six or broback on the court friday night at home against detroit. conference usa tourney in birmingham alabama charlotte to a 15-point lead against reisberg the second half to of two-point game and freshman john davis puts the niners on his back. he came and davis with this goal goal -- old-school three about that file and a team-high 27 points and a career-high 27. joseph chipped in with a dozen points and get this a conference
10:46 pm
rebounds are you charlotte needs rise 79 have-69 the 49'ers will face second-seeded tennessee on thursday. an acc tournament to taking on nc state. late first-half anthony barber hits the pool. barber with 15 points in the first half was back up three pre-second half grayson allen from downtown did against the pull away but it's a lead they could not hold. under two minutes ago kobe martin ties the score at 89-89. both teams battling and the shot marshall plumley working hard down low gets the rebound to put back and the files to duke up three after the free throw. under 15 seconds left barber with a turnover duke hangs on to win and a shot at the buzzer but the desperation three does not
10:47 pm
>> what an afternoon for acc, for basketball. we both played so well. both teams were difficult to stop stop. our guys come it's the best we have played offensively in three weeks. i'm extremely proud. we have a group of guys who never quit. they kept coming and they kept trying and three, page player too short. >> duke faces notre dame on thursday to clemson lost to georgia tech in overtime 88-85. charles johnson will be back for a tenth season with the panthers panthers. the official signed with the team in the team tweeted out this picture of johnson signing his contract a one-year deal worth $3 million. johnson reportedly turned down offers from other teams worth up to as much as $6 million in order to return to the panthers.
10:48 pm
march 3 after nine seasons with the panthers. the panthers also re-signed fullback mark to bring a two-year deal with nearly $4 million in a pro-bowl on all-pro honors last season to join the panthers in 2012. he turned down a bigger payday to stay in carolina. >> in the end of the day i'm wary feel comfortable and too two i wanted to be and what i wanted to do. carolina is home. i played here for four years and it felt right to stay and finish what we didn't do last year. >> nascar news petrucci for martin tricks junior will miss this week's race at arizona. he was suspended and fined
10:49 pm
collapse at atlanta motor speedway. he appealed the penalty allowing him to leave the team last week in las vegas but he has since withdrawn the appeal. he was placed on probation for a similar violation at daytona. todd barrier will call the race for the number 7018 this weekend. >> it's a bump in the road. we have a strong team and we are prepared for this weekend. really appreciate todd offering to help us out calling the race on sunday and he's a familiar voice on the radio. we spent a year working together a year and a half and i think you will do a good job calling the race. >> that want to remind our nascar fans it airs this sunday from 230 to 3:00 p.m.. we'll have nascar coverage in the world of motorsports. emma is looking for story ideas
10:50 pm
motorsports anthony.flores at
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kayla: the top eight on "american idol" have been chosen as time for primetime. michelle plato talked with some of the finalists and the judges
10:53 pm
high stakes. >> on thursday's "american idol" the show's final eight contestants perform songs from past "idol" seasons and everyone knows there's no room for mistakes. >> if you don't go 100 but chilling% every week --. >> you have to be in competition with yourself. >> judges keith urban and harry connick junior's said several things have to go just right during each performance. >> this is when it gets interesting because even if what you do with really good if we have seen it repeatedly briefed teco but it's really hard. you have to bring something but
10:54 pm
it's challenging. of this process because at this point it's really about to response to whom. it's not about who's better than anybody else. >> with another double elimination on the line america has a big responsibility to get it right. >> the show has been about diversity and styles. we have that represented even now with the top eight seoul pitchers seem to see who make said. >> they all looked to me like they belong here. they are not complacent about being in the top 10 and they take advantage of the opportunity when it's up there. >> you can only do so much and they are doing everything they can do which is great. in hollywood "fox news." kayla: you can catch "american idol" and fox 46 on on thursday night and you don't want to
10:55 pm
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